Pathology is the bridging science between the basic medical sciences and clinical ones and it includes the study of disease and its main four aspects including cause of disease (etiology), mechanisms of disease development (pathogenesis), structural alterations that diseases induce in cells, tissues, and organs (morphology), and functional and clinical consequences of of the disease states.

Pathology has an essential role in solving disease-related problems, using technologies based upon fundamental sciences ranging from biophysics to molecular genetics, and including tools from the more traditional disciplines of anatomy, biochemistry, physiology and microbiology.

 Department Activities

  • Teaching pathology to 4th year medical students
  • Teaching pathology to 3rd year dental students
  • Teaching forensic medicine to 5th year medical students
  • Participate in teaching in Faculty of Laboratory Sciences
  • Supervision of Laboratory services at Soba University Hospital
  • Teaching postgraduate MD clinical pathology
  • participation together with Department of Community Medicine and Microbiology in supervision of Endemic Disease Course to 5th year medical students
  • Teaching students of Master Degrees in Faculties of Pharmacy and Dentistry.
  • The pathology is taught to the 4th year medical students in form of both general and systemic pathology. by giving lectures, tutorials. Clinicopathology Conference (CPC) and practicals.

The first head department was Professor Lynch followed successively by:

  • Professor Ahmed Mohamed Elhassan
  • Professor Awad Omer
  • Professor Alsadig Mohamed Abdelwahab
  • Professor Mohamed Osman Abdel malik
  • Professor Mohamed Zein
  • Professor Abdelfatah Abdelgadir
  • Dr. Mustafa Dafaala Mustafa
  • Dr. Abdel Hafiz Hassan Khattab
  • Dr. Anwar Ahmed Yousif Kordofani
  • Dr. Mohamed Mohamed Osman, Head Department

Future plans

  • Cytology Clinic
  • Research Lab. providing in addtion Lab. service in metabolic diseases
  • Improving the MD degree, by offering the graduate single subspecialty on branch of pathology