Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine Department

Historical Background

Internal Medicine Department was established in 1951 when the college took the university status. Professor Morgan first took over the presidency of the department, followed by Professor Daoud Mustafa Khalid as the first Sudanese president of the department.

Before the establishment of the department, the clinical sciences were taught by specialists from the Ministry of health.

Specialists from the department, in collaboration with their counterparts from the Ministry of health, teach theoretical lectures and clinical rounds for third, fourth, fifth and sixth year students.

Teaching Methods

Theoretical teaching is composed of lectures, small groups tutorials and seminars. Clinical training is conducted in teaching hospitals. The students are attached to general medicine units. The main teaching hospitals are Soba  University hospital, Al Shaab teaching hospital, Ibrahim Malik teaching hospital, Ahmed Qasim teaching hospital and Omdurman teaching hospital.

Students’ Assessment Methods

Assessment of the students is by continuous assessment exams in third, fourth and fifth year, and then a final exam in sixth year. Continuous assessment exams in third year  consist of an OSCE exam to assess the students’ clinical skills. Fourth year exam is a single best answer paper and OSPE. It covers the Emergency medicine course. Fifth year exam is also a single best answer paper that covers cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal system, endocrinology and neurology.

Final Year Assessment

It consists of two papers, an OSPE exam and an OSCE. Paper 1 contains a hundred single best answer questions. The stem of the question is a clinical scenario. Paper 2 is a written exam. The student has to answer a few questions about each of the five cases they face.

Department Activities

  • The department is active in the field of medical researches, symposia, and conferences, on both regional and international levels.
  • The department provides health services at Soba University hospital , Ibrahim Malik hospital.
  • A member of the department, professor. Elkadaru, is the general manager of Tropical diseases teaching hospital.

Relationship with the Royal College of Physicians, UK

  • The faculty is an exam center for MRCP part 1, MRCP part2 and PACES.
  • Some of the department members are examiners in the PACES.
  • The faculty holds MTI interviews, the last was this August.

Our Contribution to SMSB

Some department members are examiners in the Sudanese Medical Specialization Board.

Staff members with degrees

  1. Prof. Abdelgadir Mohamed Yosif El Kadaru, MD. FRCP
  2. Prof. Omer Ibrahim Abood, MRCP,MD,FRCP
  3. Prof. El Mahidi Mohamed Ali, MD
  4. Prof. El Fadil Mohamed Osman, MD,MRCP,FRCP(Edi), FRCP(London).
  5. Prof. Musa Mohamed Kheir, MBBS,M.Med MSC,CTM,FRCP
  6. Prof. Abbasher Hussein Mohamed Ahmed, MD
  7. Prof. Omer Zayed Baraka, MD,FRCP
  8. Prof. Mohamed Najeeb Abdalla, MBBS,MD,Diplo.Clini.Neur.Lon
  9. Prof. Alaeldin Hassan Ahmed, MD, FRCP,FCCP
  10. Prof. Osheik Abu’Asha Siddi , MRCP,ABIM,CCST
  11. Prof. Hatim Mohamed Youif Mudawi,MRCP, FRCP(UK)
  12. Dr. Mohamed Mirghani Osman, MBBS,FRCP,FCCP, Associate Prof.
  13. Dr. Hamad Ali Hamad El-Turabi,,MMed, DTM,FRCP, FCCP, Assocait Prof.
  14. Dr. Hamza Haroun Ahmed Alamin MD, Associate Prof.
  15. Dr. Mohamed Ali Eltahir, FRCP, Associate Prof.
  16. Dr. Abdalla Mahmoud Abbas, MD, Associate Prof.
  17. Dr. Faisal Ahmed Elmustafa Suliman, MRCP,FRCP, Associate Prof
  18. Dr. Maha Abdalla El Zubier, MD, Associate Prof.
  19. Dr. Iman Ahmed Shirag Eldin, MD, Assistant Prof.
  20. Dr. Sarah Misbah El Sadig, MBBS,MD, FRCP, USMLE, Assistant Prof.
  21. Dr. Sulaf Ibrahim Abdelaziz, MD, Assistant Prof.
  22. Dr. Awad Abdalla Ahmed, Assistant Prof.
  23. Dr. Ahmed Ali Ahmed Suliman, MBBS,ABIM, Assistant Prof.
  24. Dr. Mazin Mohamed Taha Shigidi,  Assiatant Prof.
  25. Dr. Ihab Babikir  El Siddig,  MBBS,MD, ABIM, Assistant Prof
  26. Dr. Hytham Mamoun El Fadil, MBBS, MRCP(UK) Assistant Prof.
  27. Dr. Ala Eldin Abdalla Mustafa,  Assistant Prof.  ( )
  28. Dr. Hajir Abbasher Sulieman, MBBS,MD Assistant Prof
  29. Dr. Rihan Mohamed Elhassan Saeed,MD, MRCP, Specialty Certificate Endocrinology Assis. Prof
  30. Dr. Mayada Abdelhalim Mobarak, Assistant Prof
  31. Dr. Soada Moawia El Siddig,MBBS,MD,  Assistant Prof
  32. Dr. Abdelrahman Idris Salih . , Associate Prof   (Fellow)
  33. Dr. Bushra Ibn Oaf, Assistant Prof (Fellow)
  34. Dr. Mustafa Yassin Hamid Yassin , Assistant Prof    (Fellow)
  35. Dr. Sara El Fadil Abbas, Assistant Prof (Fellow)
  36. Dr. Rehab Ibrahim Sidoon, Assistant Prof (Fellow)
  37. Dr. Rawya Abdelrahman, MBBS,MD,  Assistant Prof (Fellow)
  38. Dr. Alaa Khalafalla, TA
  39. Dr. Osama Hafiz Karamalla, TA
  40. Dr. Abdelmohaymin Abufatima, TA