The Education Development Centre was established at the Faculty of Medicine,University of Khartoum in 1980 in response to the growing demand in the Sudanand the region for qualified teachers.  The EDC set out to offer effective teacher training programmes, consultation on curricular development and reform, and innovative teaching and evaluation methods for the health professions.Since then EDC has enjoyed international and regional reputation for professional excellence.

EDC organized a good number of courses, symposia, workshops and various other activities for different institutions both at regional and local levels. EDC affiliated staff in collaboration with WHO energetically participated in the regional academic and professional programmes and activities which laid the foundation for the establishment of EDCs all over the Eastern Mediterranean Region.

EDC in collaboration with WHO trained a significant core of university teachers in various aspects of medical education. They are now leaders of change in the field of medical education.
Target groups of certified nurses, health visitors, midwives and medical assistants were trained in the centre to support the implementation of primary health care programmes with emphasis on Mother and Child Health Care, Family Planning and for the interdisciplinary approaches for the introduction of nutritional education.

The centre helped in the initiation of community oriented educational programs and other innovative approaches to curriculum planning for medical students and other members of the health professions.
EDC produced learning material for education, training and health promotion. Among its achievements was the development of a skills laboratory where models and other simulations are used for learning and teaching of different clinical skills.
The centre created a number of useful links with other similar institutes locally regionally and internationally.