The Faculty of Medicine has an objective well documented admission policy which is consistent with that of the university. Only students with the top academic performance in Sudanese Secondary School Certificate (or its equivalent certificates, e.g. Arabic certificate, IGCSE, etc.following calibration) can qualify for admission to the faculty of medicine. They also need to fulfill selection criteria through personal interview and medical school pre-entry physical and mental fitness assessment.
The nomination of a student for admission to the Faculty of Medicine, University of Khartoum, is the responsibility of the Admission Office of the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE). Candidates apply for admission online: (
The list of nominated students is provided to the Academic Affairs Office of University of Khartoum and then forwarded to the Faculty of Medicine. The students’ lists are officially endorsed by the Dean of the faculty after revision by the faculty Registrar and the Academic Office. Nominated students will go through an integrated process which consists of; medical checkup, psychological test and personal interview. Personal interview is performed by senior academic staff. If the applicant fails to satisfy the above criteria, he/she will be re-evaluated by the Academic Committee. To complete the process of registration the applicants pay the registration and annual tuition fees.
Medical students must be able to perform the essential functions of being a doctor, with competence of safe patient handling. If the interviewing committee recognizes any disability, the candidate will be referred to a specialized committee to decide on his/her condition and recommend on his/her admission on individual basis.