About Us

The faculty main campus is in the centre of Khartoum including the Dean office, the administration, the academic departments, the library, lecture theatres, laboratories, dissecting rooms & Museums. In addition there is an Educational Development Centre with a skills laboratory, Medical Photography, Graphics & Illustration departments. The faculty provides subsidized student’s textbooks.

The Library covers the fields of clinical medicine, surgery, pathology, infectious  diseases, obstetrics and gynaecology, paediatrics, pharmacology, anaesthesia,  ophthalmology, psychiatry and immunology. The Medical Library provides full  support for the University of Khartoum Medical Program and integrates its  educational role with the problem based learning curriculum.

The skills lab. is part of the Education Development Centre, established in  1994 to support student self learning in mastering skills. It offers guided  session on modules, video-illustration & demonstrations. The skills addressed  include CPR, ophthalmoscope use, ENT, Venepunctive & fixing of IV line,  lumber puncture, urinary cauterization in addition to clinical skills of insulation,  B.P. & vital signs, detection of masses, rectal & vaginal examinations.

Lecture Theaters: The faculty has 6 main lecture theaters with capacities ranging from 180 to 600 Students and 20 seminars rooms ….

The Laboratory in addition to departmental laboratories in basic sciences, bacteriology & pathology a multipurpose laboratory accommodating. students is in use.

Museums teaching anatomy & pathology is supported by two museums in addition the students utilize the museums at the National Laboratory.

Dissection Rooms In addition to the old DR with a capacity of 180. Two new dissection rooms were established, their capacity is 350.

Clinical Teaching Settings The faculty conducts clinical teaching in full collaboration with Ministry of Health & its staff. The main teaching hospitals are Soba University Hospital, Ibrahim Malik Teaching Hospital, in addition teaching units in six other hospitals and 4 paediatrics Hospitals are involved in teaching students, these are the best available units. Community based student activity and assignment are performed in health centres, rural hospital and through student field projects and health promotion activities in communities.