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Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology is situated in the third floor of the northern building of the complex of the faculty of medicine.


Pathology is the bridging science between the basic medical sciences and clinical ones and it includes the study of disease and its main four aspects including cause of disease (etiology), mechanisms of disease development (pathogenesis), structural alterations that diseases induce in cells, tissues, and organs (morphology), and functional and clinical consequences of of the disease states.


Department of anaesthesia was established as a separate department since 1971. Before that, it was a subdepartment of the surgical department.

Community Medicine

Community Medicine is the science that deals with the health of the communities rather than the individuals. It is the science of what has been previously known as public health, preventive medicine, social medicine and community health.


Department of physiology is one of the basic medical departments, and occupies the 2nd floor of the basic sciences building. In 1951 it started by teaching physiology and biochemistry, in 1960 biochemistry became a separate department.The first head of the department was Prof. Dean A.

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